Mit dem steigenden Trend Richtung modulare Konstruktionstechniken nimmt die Verwendung von Bauplatten im Innen- und Außenbereich rasant zu. Decken, Böden, Trennwände und mehr können alle in kostengünstiger und hocheffizienter Herstellung mit Sika Klebstoffsystemen laminiert werden.

Fast and Versatile Panel Production

Wall insulation, partition, ceiling or raised access flooring panel manufacturers benefit from fast production and a small factory footprint when utilizing SikaMelt® adhesives.

Reactive polyurethane adhesives provide a high initial strength combined with long term durability of laminated panels.

At the same time fast process speed is possible because panels can be handled and processed immediately after bonding.

Fire retardancy and Euro-classification A2:s1:d0 Reaction To Fire performance are also within reach.

An interior of a house showing hard laminated panels
Wood flooring standards IHD works and JAS II standards tested
or waiting time with 100% solids hot melt adhesives

SikaMelt® and SikaForce® solutions for fast and versatile panel production

Best Recommended Products for Building Panels

SikaForce®-7100 Range

Easy processing moisture curing one component PUR adhesive ideal for open cell and fibrous substrates.