Mit unseren amin- und anhydridgehärteten SikaBiresin® CR-Epoxidharzsystemen bieten wir eine breite Palette von Lösungen für den Präzisionswickelprozess.

Our Solutions for Filament Winding Process

With our amine and anhydride cured SikaBiresin®CR epoxy resin systems, Sika offers a broad range of solutions for the filament winding process.
Whether utilizing glass, aramid or carbon fiber reinforced plastics, through our standard product portfolio or our tailor-made solutions for the filament winding process, we always have an answer to your application challenges.

Our versatile, high-performance systems are used in a wide variety of applications, from printing rollers, to gas tanks and ship drive shafts. For high temperature resistance (>200 °C) as well as for large components which require very long potlife, we provide you with innovative and economical solutions. For maritime applications, many of our resin systems meet the requirements of the DNV-GL. Here, appropriate certificates are available.

Filament Winding

Best recommended Products for Filament Winding