Dörrkuplast® E-4 sk/Safeguard

Self-adhesive Elastomeric Bitumen membrane with glass-combination inlay, safety seam for roofing & waterproofing

Dörrkuplast® E-4 sk/Safeguard (Thickness 4.0 mm)  is a self-adhesive elastomeric bitumen membrane reinforced with a combi reinforcement glass fleece/mesh lath. The top side is laminated with a white polypropylene fleece and the bottom side with a silicone peel-off film. The top side longitudinal overlap area has an onesided PET-foil edge strip and the opposite underside a safety seam foil strip.

  • Elastic behaviour at low temperatures
  • Robust, tear-resistant reinforcement 
  • High adhesive power of the self-adhesive layer
  • Safety seam
  • Non-slip surface
  • Chemically good compatible