Our goals - Your path

Specific Duties and Responsibilities:


Revenue Analysis & Reporting



  • Responsible for design & generation of regular sales reports such as but not limited to:
    1. Daily Sales Dashboard
    2. Monthly Sales Report
    3. Detailed Sales Variance Analysis
    4. Sales & Gross Margin Analysis
    5. Sales Monthly Trend


  • Generation of special purpose reports such:
    1. TM Concrete Sales, Volume & Margin Report
    2. TM Industry Sales & Margin Report
    3. Cross-Selling Report
    4. Key Project Management Reports


  • Generation of special or adhoc reports or data request coming from Sales Group Heads, TM, Finance and GM for purpose of monthly business reviews, regional reporting, customer reviews, special projects progress reporting.


  • Drive data collation and synthesis of budgeting, forecasting and all kinds of forward- looking revenue & margin projections such as:
    1. Sales Bridge (Weekly & Monthly Sales Plan, Actuals & Forecast)
    2. 12 Month - Rolling Forecast
    3. Annual Sales Budgeting Files
    4. Seasonal Sales Projections Exercise
    5. Special Purpose Projections (e.g. for RPA input)


  • Analytical calculations for purpose deriving conclusion on trends and behavior of revenue and margin in relation to customer, product, volume, segments, sections and other slices of data as the situation demands.


  • Regularly interacts and coordinate with different sales & marketing group for purpose of getting insights on relevant reports as well as giving guidance on how to accomplish various budgeting, forecasting and analysis templates.


Pricing Generation and Maintenance


  • To facilitate the annual pricing review exercise (SMP/SRP Review) by:
    1. Collate relevant financial data for historical references such average prices, discounts, costs, margins, and volume
    2. Gather inputs from sales and marketing group in terms of target price, competitor’s prices, volume projections, data outliers (i.e. product promotions)
    3. Gather inputs from costing and inventory officer for product costing, inventory information, product lifecycle, SLOB considerations, critical costing assumptions.
    4. Provide a working template to synthesize all relevant reference, inputs and calculation in aid of pricing decision-making.


  • To manage end to end pricing requests (SMP/SRP request) in terms of accuracy, timeliness and completeness, going through the required inputs from relevant department or personnel.


  • To generate control and monitoring pricing reports such as price effect reports, pricing initiatives progress reports, price waterfall analysis and other pricing analytics.


  • To maintain and keep updated all types of pricing records in different systems such as but not limited to Microsoft AX (including Trade Agreements), Salesforce Pricebook, Pricelists (Broadcasted Internal & External).


  • To maintain and keep updated database of competitors equivalent products and prices periodically for purpose of providing supporting assumption on price positioning.


  1. To provide insights and feedback to pricing committee in terms of pricing suggestions, pricing issues, price improvements and price competitiveness.


Your expertise - Our strength


Graduate of Business or Commercial Data Science related courses (Economics, Mathematics, Accounting)

Work Experience:

At least five (5) years relevant experience in business intelligence or financial reporting (pricing, commercial finance, data handling & analysis)

Worked in a position exposed in knowledge of market trends & commercial aspects of the business



  • Highly advance use of Microsoft Excel
  • Possesses a strong analytical and logical skill
  • Can work under pressure and tight deadlines
  • Able to communicate well at all levels in the organization
  • Has a proven track record in a multinational set-up

About Sika

With over 100 years of experience, Sika is a worldwide innovation and sustainability leader in the development and production of systems and products for commercial and residential construction, as well as the transportation, marine, automotive, and renewable energy manufacturing industries. 

Sika has offices in over 103 countries with over 400 manufacturing facilities and more than 33,000 employees worldwide. With annual sales of CHF 11.24 billion in 2023, our commitment to quality, innovation, and the environment as well as putting our customer’s needs first, encompasses why Sika is the global leader in our industries.