Ein langlebiges, leichtes, dauerhaftes, flüssig aufgetragenes Harzsystem aus Verbundmaterial, das hervorragende Bodenhaftung sowohl unter nassen als auch trockenen Bedingungen bietet. Sikafloor® Marine sieht nicht nur hervorragend aus, sondern ist auch den gängigsten Ölen, Fetten, Konzentraten, Salzen und Lösungsmitteln gegenüber beständig.

Sikafloor® Marine Deco Teak

The Sikafloor® Marine Deco Teak product range consist of a wide range of specially formulated polyurethane resins suitable for all vessels. The Sikafloor® Marine deco teak products come in many cases with an IMO approval and can be applied in a spectacular total of more than 25 colours!

Design and personalize your teak deck with Sikafloor® Marine deck systems. Choose from a vide variety of different wooden colors and different caulking adhesives to create your own ambiance on board. Classic teak deck caulking structure or any other pattern you like, with Sikafloor® Marine teak deck system you have complete freedom of design.

The Sikafloor® Marine Deco Teak systems have already proven to be amongst the best-in-class products due to their ease of installation, low weight, better acoustical performance, excellent aesthetics and comfort. Sikafloor® Marine Deco Teak can either be liquid applied or applied as a prefabricated solution which opens the door widely for playful designs and the implementation of logo‘s in the synthetic deck. Sikafloor® Marine Deco Teak is designed to be installed on cruise ships, mega yachts, commercial boats, leisure boats, tenders and many more marine vessels.

Sikafloor Marine application for decorative floors, synthetic teak

Sikafloor® Marine Deco Teak COOL Touch

The latest state of the art innovation by Sika is given in the Sikafloor®Marine-595 which is providing an unseen level of esthetics with a cooler touch as similar product in the market.

Sikafloor® Marine-595 is a unique, comfortable, elastic, low weight and highly decorative polyurethane resin floor designed as synthetic teak deck covering, which has the patented Sika cool technology ‘onboard’. The Sikafloor® Marine-595 is designed to be applied on Mega Yachts, Luxury Leisure boats and many areas onboard passenger vessels.

This unique deck covering product is offering the following benefits: 

  • The deck will feel cooler when touched in comparison to other synthetic deck covering solutions even after exposure to solar light, providing your customers always a pleasant time on deck.
  • Wide selection of aesthetical appealing deck covering colors are available enhancing quality and value of the whole vessel.
  • Less fuel consumption thanks to the unique lightweight character of the product. 
Illustration cool and Pleasant
illustration less fuel consumption
Illustration appealing design
Sikafloor Marine application for decorative floors, synthetic teak

Sikafloor® Marine Deco Teak for Passenger Vessels

Sikafloor® Marine-570 is IMO approved and designed to be applied on passenger vessels such like cruise ships, ferries and river cruise vessels. It is robust, good mechanical resistant and durable. For areas which do not need an IMO approval the Sikafloor® Marine-579 can also be applied.

Sikafloor Marine application for decorative floors, synthetic teak

Sikafloor® Marine Deco Teak for Mega Yachts and Luxury Leisure Boats

Sikafloor® Marine-590 is IMO approved and designed to be applied on mega yachts and luxury leisure boats. It is comfortable, UV stable, mechanical resistant and durable. For areas which do not need an IMO approval the Sikafloor® Marine-599 can also be applied.

Sikafloor Marine application for decorative floors, synthetic teak

In addition, all Sikafloor® Marine synthetic deck coverings can be combined with black, grey, white or other colored caulking.

They are lightweight resins, low maintenance, with good environmental resistance and offer good grip both dry and wet. Its application can be liquid or
prefabricated and the versatility of these resins allows any type of designs or shapes to be created according to the needs of the customer.

While the Sikafloor® Marine looks great it also is resistant to the most common oils, greases, juices, salts and solvents.

Furthermore Sikafloor® Marine product line is:

  • Solvent free
  • Very low VOC emission
  • Permanently elastic
  • Easy to apply
  • Easy to clean and maintain

Dekorative Außenbodenbeläge für synthetisches Teak mit ästhetischem Finish

Produktempfehlungen für dekorative Außenenbodenbeläge für synthetisches Teak

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